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Millwright Case Studies


Recovery Technology Solutions (RTS) received approval to build a state-of-the-art asphalt shingle recycling facility in Shakopee, MN. The plant extracts and separates asphalt and other materials from the shingles – including calcium carbonate, granite roofing granules, Fluff and sand – to be reused in different manufacturing processes.

Yale Mechanical’s Industrial Services division was selected to integrate and install the separation system for the new plant because of its experience in providing turnkey solutions for all equipment and resources required to complete a project of this magnitude in a very tight timeframe.


In this stage Yale is lifting and erecting the silos on the engineered foundations. One silo will be used to surge store the roofing granules for drive under truck loadout. The other is for calcium carbonate.


This shows the 14’ diameter, 80’ tall calcium carbonate silo being lifted into position next to its already erected 14’ diameter 50’ tall granules silo.


Granules silo which will mechanically be filled by a horizontal belt conveyors and an elevating bucket conveyor. The calcium carbonate silo will be filled via a vacuum type pneumatic blower system which utilizes pipes to convey the material to a filter receiver/separator on the silo roof.


This shows the expansiveness of the project nearing its completion.


This shows the heart of the vertically stacked separation system which features multiple vibratory screeners and air classifiers with the separated materials being pneumatically conveyed to the silos, a compactor and roll off boxes.


The unscreened material comes from its asphalt separation phase and is placed onto our 150’ long belt conveyor that brings the material either up a 80’ long inclined belt to the separation process or diverts it to be placed in roll off type trailers for other uses.


The dust and air are collected in a Cyclone to capture more product for reuse before going through a baghouse dust filter and fan.