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Millwright Case Studies

Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Access Platform Design and Installation

Coca-Cola required a safe way to reach the top of these mixing tanks in the mixing room of their bottling plant. Yale Mechanical determined that a stainless-steel platform was the best way to reliably and safely provide the access they needed.

The platform above the tanks is surrounded by a guard rail and connected to ground level by a staircase, also complete with a handrail. The staircase and platform allow workers to access the tanks as well as piping running along the ceiling for safe and easy maintenance.

Coca cola building platform before 1

Before: With no way to easily reach the top of the mixing tanks, workers needed a safe and convenient access point.

Coca cola building platform after 2

After: Yale Mechanical designed and installed a stainless-steel platform to sit above the tanks and a staircase to connect it to ground level.