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Millwright Case Studies

H.B. Fuller Co. Fall Protection System Installation

H.B. Fuller reached out to Yale Mechanical to install a fall protection system (FPS) for the company’s Columbia Heights location. Given the variety of weather conditions in which workers access the top of tank container trucks (rain, wind, ice and more), maneuvering on top can be dangerous. Because no FPS can be reliably installed on the trucks themselves, H.B. Fuller required a permanent external system located where the trucks would typically be parked.

The apparatus installed by Yale Mechanical features a safety harness attached to the support system, which workers are strapped into as they maneuver on top of tank container trucks for access, loading, maintenance, offloading and more. Should a worker slip, they are safely suspended by the harness.

HBF fall protection 1

Towering above H.B. Fuller's lot, the standing arm protects workers by preventing injury due to falls from the top of tanker trucks parked in front of it.