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Safety by Design Since 1939

We Take The Time To Make Safety Our Top Priority

We believe no job is so urgent that safety should ever be compromised. This ensures the health and well-being of our crews and customers comes first, ahead of schedule, production or budget.

In fact, our motto is “Safety by Design Since 1939.” This slogan, created by a Yale Mechanical employee, reminds us that it takes planning and dedication to ensure our work is completed safely and effectively.


To make certain your project will be executed safely, we have committed to the following:

  • Conducting our work in a matter that mitigates hazards and injuries
  • OHSA 10/30 hour training for our field crews, project managers and designers
  • Routine site safety audits by our full time safety director
  • Sharing lessons learned from incident investigations to prevent others from getting hurt
  • Holding all levels of the organization accountable for safety performance
  • Empowering all employees to stop any action or situation they believe is unsafe

If you would like to learn more about our safety program please contact Yale employees Full Time Safety Director at (952) 884-1661 or safety@yalemech.com.