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Featured Millwright Projects

Yale Mechanical offers a comprehensive range of Millwright and industrial contractor capabilities. Here are just a few examples:

Featured Project

General Mills – Grain Elevator


Watch as millwrights from Yale Mechanical replace old grain elevator equipment and install a new bridge, conveyor and support towers.

Featured Project

H.B. Fuller Co. Fall Protection System Installation

Photo Gallery:

  • Towering above H.B. Fuller's lot, the standing arm protects workers by preventing injury due to falls from the top of tanker trucks parked in front of it.
  • Workers are strapped into a harness attached to the support arm, which features a rail apparatus for ease of movement, suspending them in case of a fall.
  • Weather and other conditions make fall protection systems a must.

H.B. Fuller reached out to Yale Mechanical to install a fall protection system (FPS) for the company’s Columbia Heights location. Given the variety of weather conditions in which workers access the top of tank container trucks (rain, wind, ice and more), maneuvering on top can be dangerous. Because no FPS can be reliably installed on the trucks themselves, H.B. Fuller required a permanent external system located where the trucks would typically be parked.

The apparatus installed by Yale Mechanical features a safety harness attached to the support system, which workers are strapped into as they maneuver on top of tank container trucks for access, loading, maintenance, offloading and more. Should a worker slip, they are safely suspended by the harness.

Featured Project

Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Access Platform Design and Installation

Photo Gallery:

  • Before: With no way to easily reach the top of the mixing tanks, workers needed a safe and convenient access point.
  • After: Yale Mechanical designed and installed a stainless-steel platform to sit above the tanks and a staircase to connect it to ground level.

Coca-Cola required a safe way to reach the top of these mixing tanks in the mixing room of their bottling plant. Yale Mechanical determined that a stainless-steel platform was the best way to reliably and safely provide the access they needed.

The platform above the tanks is surrounded by a guard rail and connected to ground level by a staircase, also complete with a handrail. The staircase and platform allow workers to access the tanks as well as piping running along the ceiling for safe and easy maintenance.

Featured Project

General Mills Bucket Elevator Installation

Photo Gallery:

  • The platform at the top of the elevator, used to access the elevator drive, was assembled on-site by the Yale Mechanical Millwright team.
  • Yale technicians used a 220-ton crane to lift the platform to the top of the bucket elevator.
  • The bucket elevator transports grain from ground level up 170 feet to its destination in silos and other areas of the facility.

General Mills’ oat mill in Fridley produces oat flour for Cheerios, Lucky Charms and other cereals. It’s also the company’s first biomass-powered plant, burning oat hulls to produce 90 percent of the steam needed to heat the plant.

Using a 220-ton crane, Yale Mechanical millwright technicians installed a support structure, platform and additional conveyor equipment for the grain-handling apparatus. At 170 feet, the installation required careful and accurate field assembly, and work was conducted during both operating hours and plant shutdown as available.

Featured Project

Coca-Cola Canning Line

Photo Gallery:

Our team of millwrights removed the existing 12 oz. can line and installed a new state-of-the-art line that is capable of producing cans of multiple sizes.

Featured Project


Photo Gallery:

  • In this stage Yale is lifting and erecting the silos on the engineered foundations. One silo will be used to surge store the roofing granules for drive under truck loadout. The other is for calcium carbonate.
  • This shows the 14’ diameter, 80’ tall calcium carbonate silo being lifted into position next to its already erected 14’ diameter 50’ tall granules silo.
  • Granules silo which will mechanically be filled by a horizontal belt conveyors and an elevating bucket conveyor. The calcium carbonate silo will be filled via a vacuum type pneumatic blower system which utilizes pipes to convey the material to a filter receiver/separator on the silo roof.
  • This shows the expansiveness of the project nearing its completion.
  • This shows the heart of the vertically stacked separation system which features multiple vibratory screeners and air classifiers with the separated materials being pneumatically conveyed to the silos, a compactor and roll off boxes.
  • The unscreened material comes from its asphalt separation phase and is placed onto our 150’ long belt conveyor that brings the material either up a 80’ long inclined belt to the separation process or diverts it to be placed in roll off type trailers for other uses.
  • The dust and air are collected in a Cyclone to capture more product for reuse before going through a baghouse dust filter and fan.

Recovery Technology Solutions (RTS) received approval to build a state-of-the-art asphalt shingle recycling facility in Shakopee, MN. The plant extracts and separates asphalt and other materials from the shingles – including calcium carbonate, granite roofing granules, Fluff and sand – to be reused in different manufacturing processes.

Yale Mechanical’s Industrial Services division was selected to integrate and install the separation system for the new plant because of its experience in providing turnkey solutions for all equipment and resources required to complete a project of this magnitude in a very tight timeframe.

Featured Project


Photo Gallery:

  • The new wheel lathe weighs approximately 60,000 lb.
  • Great care was taken when moving the extremely heavy piece of equipment.
  • Once the wheel lathe was unloaded, the team began the careful task of precisely aligning the new equipment.
  • BNSF operates one of the largest freight railroad networks in North America.

Yale Mechanical recently completed a major project at BNSF that involved the removal and replacement of a wheel lathe, which is used to true-up wheels on a locomotive. Our millwright team disassembled and removed the old equipment, then replaced the old foundation and support steel before finally unloading, setting and aligning the 60,000-lb piece of new equipment.

Featured Project

Kinder Morgan

Photo Gallery:

  • OSHA requires that fall protection be provided at elevations of four feet in general industry workplaces, five feet in shipyards, six feet in the construction industry and eight feet in longshoring operations.
  • The fall protection system installed by Yale features a rail and trolley system that allows workers to maintain an overhead tie off while they safely and efficiently access multiple elevated work areas.
  • Safety harnesses worn by workers are connected to secure anchor points on the overhead beams.

Kinder Morgan’s Dakota Bulk Terminal warehouse in St. Paul required a required a fall protection system to allow workers to safely access the top of storage silos along the Mississippi River. Yale Mechanical installed the fall protection system engineered to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI Z359 standards. The structure includes a rail and trolley system to allow multiple workers to safely navigate work areas on top of silos.

Featured Project

General Mills

Photo Gallery:

  • Before: Yale Mechanical removed these 60-70 year old tripper belt conveyors.
  • Before: Yale Mechanical removed these 60-70 year old tripper belt conveyors.
  • After: We installed new enclosed drag conveyors at the top of the grain storage silos.
  • After: An elevator was used to get employees and equipment to the bin top level.

Yale Mechanical recently completed a project for General Mills which consisted of removing two tripper belt conveyors that were 60-70 years old and replacing them with enclosed drag conveyors at the top of grain storage silos. An elevator was used to safely get employees and equipment to the bin top level.

Automated Curing Line

Location: Watkins, MN
Owner: Barrier Technologies

Modified and redesigned all phases of automated equipment to increase production and quality.

DuPont, General Plastic Extruder Relocation

Location: Relocate from the east coast to Wisconsin
Owner: General Plastics

Relocated a 5-layer extruder line from a DuPont plant on the east coast to General Plastic in Wisconsin.

General Mills Grain Sampling Room

Location: Superior, WI
Owner: General Mills

Managed the turnkey installation of new equipment at this state-of-the-art grain sampling room.

New Bottling Line

Location: Burnsville, MN
Owner: Pepsi Bottling Company

Demolished the old bottling line and installed the new bottling line.

Speed Rack Installation

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Owner: General Mills

Yale Mechanical installed versatile racks designed to hold pallets of General Mills food products at the company’s Minneapolis location.

Storage Tank & Drag Conveyor Installation

Location: St. Paul, MN
Owner: Kinder Morgan

Provided and installed three large bulk storage tanks and a drag conveyor at this Bulk Terminal facility.

Summit Brewing Expansion

Location: St. Paul, MN
Owner: Summit Brewing

Relocated brew tanks at Summit Brewing’s location to allow for additional capacity.

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