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Hazard Assessments

Whether it’s just a few pieces of equipment or thousands, our process for hazard assessments is what sets us apart for machine guarding in Minnesota. We don’t try to sell customers as much machine guarding equipment as possible. Instead, we structure our hazard assessments so customers fully understand where they aren’t in compliance or where they may be at risk. This way they fully understand what we are recommending and why, and can be confident the machine guarding will meet their safety objectives.

Comprehensive Hazard Assessment Report

Using the ANSI TR3 Reference standard as a guideline, we provide a full report that documents equipment, identifies non-compliant issues and includes a performance evaluation of the current safety controls and devices. The hazard assessment also includes a risk or hazard ranking for each identified issue. Each machine will also have a risk ranking assigned to it determined by the frequency of use, probability of injury and severity of harm. We also provide information on all relevant regulations as they apply to your equipment.

Highly Knowledgeable Machine Guarding Experts

Performing a thorough hazard assessment requires deep working knowledge of plant equipment. Our team has years of experience in fabrication and electrical controls. We’ve seen a lot and run a lot of equipment. This allows us to quickly understand how the equipment operates; what the operator is trying to accomplish, and what actions are hazardous and what isn’t. Our goal is to improve machine safety without destroying its productivity or frustrating the operator.

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