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Machine Guarding Design & Installation

We can’t predict all human behavior, but we can take into consideration how operators use their equipment to design and install custom machine guarding that provides as much protection as possible.

Machine Guarding Engineering

After the hazard assessment is complete, we meet with plant engineers, electrical resources and key safety professionals to understand the customer’s processes in order to design custom machine guarding that helps protects worker without inhibiting machine performance. From there, we provide a thorough review of the key safety hazards and show customers using 3D modeling exactly what equipment will be installed and what they are buying.

We also conduct a thorough review of each machine’s safety control system so that any necessary electrical upgrades will function as intended. Once the Engineering phase is complete, customers know what’s being installed and how it will function before any field installations take place.

Custom Machine Guarding Fabrication & Installation

Performing the machine guarding installation is as important as the engineering. Using qualified personnel who understand your goals will ensure that what is installed meets all of the requirements outlined in the assessment. Our in-house fabrication shop will design the custom machine guarding and our team of experts will ensure it is installed and fits properly. We regularly design and install custom machine guarding for milling machines, lathes, band saws, marble saws and more.

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