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HVAC Heating Season Tune-Up Should Focus on Safety, Efficiency, and Air Quality

Minnesotans were given a rude awakening as our beautiful fall colors turned into a blanket of white snow sooner than anyone anticipated, leaving most of us scrambling to get ready for winter. Your facility’s heating system is no different, with it being called into action much sooner than most had hoped. While the temperatures are likely to fluctuate for a few more weeks, now is the time to conduct an HVAC heating season tune-up to get your building ready for the freezing months ahead.

Inspect and Perform Necessary HVAC Heating Equipment Maintenance
Your building’s heating equipment should be inspected each fall to ensure it’s in proper working order. We recommend a scheduled maintenance visit from Yale Mechanical to uncover any worn parts that if left alone could lead to an expensive after-hours breakdown. The cost of maintenance is minor when compared to any breakdowns, so be sure to tackle these small issues before they become serious.

Most commercial heating equipment uses natural gas. During our regular HVAC heating season tune-up, we inspect a variety of heating components to ensure they are running safely and efficiently. This includes rooftop units, air handlers, make up air units, unit heaters, and infrared heaters.

For buildings with boilers, we conduct a combustion analysis to ensure everything is working like it should and make necessary adjustments. We also make sure our customers receive any rebates that are available for keeping their equipment in proper condition. For example, boilers are eligible for a 25% discount on tune-ups every 24 months.

Finally, if your building has a server or computer room, don’t forget about its cooling units. Many people don’t realize that computer room cooling units run year around, and yet most are not set up properly for cold weather.

Shut Down and Winterize
When prepping your building for cold weather, be sure to drain cooling towers and winterize them to avoid freezing. Chillers will also need to be winterized. If you aren’t sure how to get this done, give Yale a call.

Heating Season is Air Purification Season
During the winter your HVAC systems bring in a lot less outside air. And between COVID-19 and cold and flu season, your building’s indoor air quality takes a hit. One way to remedy this is to have Yale Mechanical install the Needlepoint bipolar ionization system. It’s an easy and affordable way to purify your facility’s air and show your staff and customers that you are taking every measure to keep them safe.

Let Yale Mechanical Help with Your Winter Tune-Up
Yale is here to help you inspect, repair, and winterize your building’s heating equipment. We’ve been doing it for more than 80 years and are confident we can save you time and headaches. Call us at 952-884-1661 or send us a message today.

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Todd Hogan

Todd Hogan is a Senior Account Manager at Yale Mechanical. He’s been in the HVAC industry for more than 30 years, beginning with an apprenticeship with the St. Paul Pipefitters. Todd’s extensive field experience helps him work with Yale customers to meet their day-to-day challenges and make smart plans for their buildings’ needs.

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