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Flush Your Building’s Water System Before Employees Return From COVID-19

Buildings left unattended or used less frequently during the coronavirus pandemic may require a little extra attention before workers return from quarantine. Depending on your circumstances, your building may have the potential for water quality degradation from stagnation, a separate issue from the COVID-19 crisis. Building owners and facility managers preparing for workers to return to their building should strongly consider flushing their water system.

Stagnant or standing water can cause conditions that increase the risk for growth and spread of Legionella and other biofilm-associated bacteria. It can also lead to low or undetectable levels of disinfectant, such as chlorine, in the water system. Unlike the coronavirus, you cannot simply quarantine the system for a few days to make it safe. The longer that systems are idle, the more likely that these issues can occur.

Flush Your Water System and Return to Work Confidently

We all want to get back to work, but to assure the occupants of your building that it is safe to return, we recommend that you have your entire building flushed.

Yale Mechanical has established a comprehensive water management program, following CDC recommendations and relevant ASHRAE standards. This includes flushing all appliances, like ice machines, dishwashers, and water coolers while wearing the appropriate protective equipment. We inspect mechanical equipment, such as cooling towers, boilers, pumps, backflow preventers, and hot water systems.

After flushing the water system, we have the ability to take water samples for analysis to a qualified independent testing laboratory for results. If test results indicate the need for disinfection, we can chlorinate your water systems and have it back online in a matter of days.

Afterwards, we can develop a water quality safety plan that will protect the long-term security of your employees and visitors for the foreseeable future.

Let Yale Mechanical Get You Back to Work Safely

We recommend that anyone returning to an unattended or less-frequently used building after quarantine flush their water systems to help ensure the safety of building occupants. Yale technicians have years of experience working on both commercial and industrial plumbing. We can help make the return to work smooth and safe. Call us at 952-884-1661 or send us a message today.

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