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3 Steps to Get Your Building Ready for Winter

“Start early!” It’s a piece of advice you probably get (or give) a lot, but it’s never truer than when you’re talking about your winter HVAC startup. There are a lot of pieces and parts that keep the climate of your building comfortable and consistent throughout the winter – and failure of even one component can mean days of hassle or downtime.

That’s why “starting early” can be a little bit of a can of worms without the right mechanical contractor to get everything ready – and the last thing you want is to turn on your HVAC when you really need it only to discover some crucial problem. So what components are most important to check for your winter HVAC startup? We’re glad you asked.

Replace Filters

Because all of your building’s air passes through them at least once, you should have your filters checked both before winter startup and every month during the winter. Clean filters are essential to the health and quality of your building’s air flow – not to mention the efficiency and performance boosts that come with swapping out dirty, old filters with brand new ones.

Have Heat Exchangers Inspected

You want to be certain your heat exchangers are in proper working condition. This isn’t just to ensure you’re heating your building efficiently. More importantly, it’s a safety issue. A cracked or defective heat exchanger could allow carbon monoxide to enter the air space, creating a safety hazard. Be certain to have them inspected before the cold air arrives when you need your heating equipment to be working at full strength.

Service Gas or Electric Boilers

For buildings that use boilers (gas or electric), early startup is especially important to make sure your building stays comfortable all winter long. In fact, Yale Mechanical technicians are already performing boiler startups and tune-ups for our clients throughout the Twin Cities. The usual concerns (energy efficiency, performance, longevity) apply for boiler service, but with added incentive in the form of boiler tune-up rebates for properly maintained boilers (we’ll even file them for you to save you the hassle).

Preventive maintenance provides season-long comfort and readiness, but it also provides peace of mind. You should know who you’re going to call if and when things go wrong. Yale Mechanical is known for providing 24/7 emergency response, and you’ll have priority response from technicians averaging more than 15 years of HVAC experience on top of direct access to account managers with an average of 20 years in mechanical contracting.

It’s not too late to get an early start prepping your HVAC system for winter. Give us a call or send us an email today to get started.

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Brent Opitz

As Business Development Manager, Brent helps connect customers with service plans that are right for their building and budget. He has been at Yale Mechanical since 2015 and part of the HVAC supply chain for more than 12 years. Brent knows how to make sure every customer gets the right parts, service and attention they need with our 24-emergency service.

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