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Essential Dock and Door Maintenance for Winter

Now is the Time to Schedule Dock and Door Maintenance

Before winter’s harsh temperatures hit, make sure loading dock equipment and warehouse space is ready for the colder months ahead. Here are a few common issues we see that lead to heat loss and rising energy bills.

Damaged Seals Can Quickly Lose Heat and Efficiency

It all comes down to seals: When your dock leveler is stored, bad perimeter seals on the doors and dock can let warm air out and cold air in. When it’s in use, not having proper dock seals between the truck and the building allows even more cold air to funnel into the space.

Essential Dock and Door Maintenance for Winter

Heat Rises – But an HVLS Fan Can Push Heating Bills Down

Make sure you’re not paying to heat your ceiling. Installing a high volume, low speed fan in your warehouse can cut energy costs by up to 30% by pushing heat down and better distributing throughout your facility.

Waiting for the Snow to Fly Before Fixing Your Docks and Doors

Aside from being good practice to keep your equipment performing better for longer, performing maintenance on your loading dock before winter gets into full swing ensures that you’ll lose less heat during maintenance. Having the door open, either to perform regular maintenance or emergency repairs, lets cold air right into your building – and it’s better to do it in October than in December, when the temperatures are below freezing.

How Yale Mechanical Makes Sure Your Loading Dock is Ready for Winter

Whether your equipment is currently in need of repair, or you want to discuss setting up a preventive maintenance program – now is the perfect time to get your facility ready for winter. Call me at (952) 884-1661 or get in touch with us today to schedule your dock and door maintenance.

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Brett Jarmuzek

With more than 20 years of experience, Brett has installed and maintained industrial docks, doors and HVLS fans for facilities of all sizes throughout Minnesota. Whether you need installation, repairs or you’re looking for a preventive maintenance contract, Brett has the answers you need to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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