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It Isn’t Too Late to Prep Your Building with These Fall HVAC Tips

Leaves are already falling in the Midwest, and we know where that puts us: at the gnawingly cold early reaches of winter. For facility managers, that means either a) resting easy knowing your building is ready for the frost or b) scrambling to catch up before it’s too late – and too cold. No matter which category you fall into, these fall HVAC tips will help you prep for winter and put your mind at ease.

Fall HVAC Tip #1: Double-Check Anything that Uses Water

During summer, H2O is the savior of any water-cooled system. Nudge that temperature down a few dozen degrees, though, and it can become your worst enemy. Any part of your system that uses water, including boilers and chillers, should be checked for proper levels, temperature and antifreeze (including signs of diluted glycol). By the time you reach winter proper – say, Thanksgiving – it’s probably too late: as outside air moves through a system, it doesn’t take long for pipes to reach their bursting point, costing you energy, time, money and comfort.

Fall HVAC Tip #2: Focus on All Your Equipment, Even if Nothing Seems “Off”

Equipment that’s less noticeable in between seasons is particularly at risk for winter issues for a pretty simple reason: between autumn and winter, your building will maintain basically the same temperature inside as outside. If your economizer isn’t functioning like it should, for example, your cooling equipment will pick up the load – but you won’t notice the difference because the climate inside feels mostly the same. Unless someone inspects your economizer (including linkages, motors, etc.), you probably wouldn’t know you have an issue until something goes disastrously wrong.

Fall HVAC Tip #3: Start Winter Building Prep Early

Don’t worry, you’re not too late – but there’s no time to waste! Most technicians prefer checking in midseason so they have plenty of time to address issues before they get bigger. At Yale, we encourage facility managers to schedule maintenance and checkups for August, as mechanical contractors only get busier the closer we get to snowfall.

Yale Mechanical technicians check early and often for signs that your equipment is headed toward issues that could make winter harder on you and your building. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how Yale Mechanical preventive maintenance contracts make your building work better, no matter how far the mercury drops.

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Jerry Moening

With more than 20 years at Yale and 30 in mechanical contracting, Jerry Moening uses decades of on-site experience to provide long-term care to facilities across the Twin Cities, from grounds to equipment and everything in between. Among the many Municipal and State licenses and certifications Jerry possesses are the St. Paul Gas Masters License and the Minnesota High Pressure Steam Operators license.

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