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Toys for Tots Twin Cities Yale Mechanical Collection

Helping Toys for Tots Break Their “One Toy Per Child” Goal in 2017

To you, a toy might not mean much – a $10 or $15 trinket that lasts maybe a year and is likely to get lost among the other items in a toy chest or bedroom somewhere. To a child, though, a single toy can mean the difference between a magical Christmas and just another day in December.

In that light, we’re proud to have helped make December 25th look a lot more like Christmas for area kids with our annual collection for Toys for Tots Twin Cities. In the weeks leading up to the holiday, we invited members of our various teams – Millwrights, Pipefitters, Office Employees and Sheet Metal/Plumbers – to donate children’s toys using several moving boxes placed in our office.

With a strong start in November, our collection eventually surpassed even our expectations as the date drew nearer. Though they originally shared a box, our Sheet Metal workers and Plumbers rallied to fill their own separate boxes with a bevy of toys, games and other Christmas gifts for Minneapolis area kids. In all, our generous team collected around 200 toys in time for Christmas.

Toys for Tots Twin Cities Yale Mechanical Collection 2

We weren’t the only ones whose final count brought good tidings for the drive. Toys for Tots Twin Cities reported 238,141 toys donated to 183,751 children across 8 Minnesota counties this Christmas. This total, of which we were proud to have played a small part, exceeds Toys for Tots’ goal of offering one toy per child.

A huge thank you to our team members who made this happen and to anyone who donated this year. To learn more about donating to Toys for Tots Twin Cities, visit this link and remember to donate in 2018 starting on October 1.

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