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There’s A Lot Riding on Stainless Steel Piping Projects

There are a number of industries in Minnesota that require high grade stainless steel piping for their operations. Food manufacturers, beverage bottlers, health and beauty companies and even pharmaceutical firms are just a few that we’ve worked with. While their manufacturing processes and the materials moving through the systems are all unique, they have one thing in common: the need for a skilled mechanical contractor that can expertly design and install high quality stainless steel piping while minimizing downtime.

This type of work requires a tremendous amount of planning, layout, prefabrication and site management expertise. The challenge is to not only meet the specific legal requirements of each site, but to install these systems with minimal disruption to the manufacturing processes. Companies simply can’t afford to be down for long, as it cuts into their output and profits. At the same time, the project must be completed by experts, as any flaw in the welding can have serious consequences by allowing bacteria to grow in the piping and taint the final product.

Yale Mechanical has a tremendous amount of expertise in designing and installing high purity stainless steel piping systems. Our work includes projects such as the design and installation of a chocolate distribution system for Log House Foods, which included everything from the inlet piping from the tanker trucks to the mixing tanks, pumping systems and the packaging equipment. We also designed and installed the heating system that keeps the product at 110 degrees at all times in the piping systems in order to keep the chocolate liquefied.

For companies such as Pepsi and Coca Cola, our work has ranged from installing new blow mold bottling systems, high pressure compressed air systems, cooling systems, heating systems, syrup systems, water purifying systems, CIP cleaning systems and product distribution systems.

For other companies such as General Mills, Aveda and Nestlé, we have installed product distribution systems, tanks distribution systems, nitrogen systems and other purified piping systems which comply with the rigid restrictions and necessary specifications for their product piping systems.

A Lot is On the Line with Stainless Steel Piping Installations

It takes special knowledge, skill and an eye for quality to do this type of stainless steel welding. The inside weld must be as smooth as the inside of the pipe. Any rough edges in the weld may allow bacteria to take hold and grow inside the piping, tainting the end product and potentially resulting in product recalls, fines, negative publicity and social media exposure.

After completion of the piping and pigging systems for Log House Foods, the manufacturer representative for the pigging system flew here from England to test the systems, identify defects and have the necessary corrections made. He was very excited after running our test and told us that after inspecting systems for 25 years in 17 different countries, he had rarely seen the test plugs come back so clean and free of markings. Although he had allotted five days to conduct all the necessary testing, he was able to complete it in four hours and said the workmanship was spectacular.

If you’re a Minnesota-based manufacturer needing to install high quality stainless steel piping, drop me a line and we’d be happy to discuss our process and tell you more about similar projects we’ve completed.

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As president of Yale Mechanical, Chris leads the design/build process for new construction, tenant improvements and remodels. He ensures the HVAC and plumbing systems are designed right, installed correctly and completed within budget for leading projects across the Twin Cities.

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