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Machine Guarding Doesn’t Have to Frustrate Your Workers to Keep Them Safe

Workplace safety is a serious issue for business owners and their employees. Manufacturers want to keep their employees safe, their business running and their workflow unbroken. Since 2015, OSHA has fined 14 Minnesota companies at least $40,000 each for safety issues, with some racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. Countless more across the United States have been caught without proper machine guarding, resulting in smaller (but no less impactful) fees.

Without machine guarding and the right professionals to install it, you can’t be sure you’re in compliance. From small manufacturers to national corporations, machine guarding is a necessity to ensure the safety of your employees and continuity of your business. We know that keeping your workers safe and your machinery in compliance with OSHA and ANSI regulations can be a challenge without hindering workflow.

From inspection through installation, Yale Mechanical’s custom machine guarding services offer peace of mind – that your workers are safe, your equipment is up to code and your business will remain uninterrupted by unexpected fees and penalties.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Our end-to-end machine guarding process starts with a hazard assessment. Using the regulations laid out in the ANSI TR3 Reference Standard, our skilled experts evaluate your equipment and processes to produce a comprehensive report that ranks your non-compliant equipment by hazard level and evaluates your current safety measures. Companies often think they’re in compliance only to fail an inspection. Even if you’ve been OSHA-approved previously, regular assessment is critical to staying up to code.

Our people are key in this phase. We’ve seen and run a lot of equipment, meaning we know how to maximize the safety of your workplace without compromising its usability or interrupting your workers’ efficiency.

Machine Guarding Designed Around Your Workflow

With the hazards identified, we learn everything there is to know about your machinery and how your workers use it. By measuring, fitting and even 3D modeling your equipment, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what protection each machine needs and why. Once we design custom guarding, we know it’ll fit your machine – including perimeter fencing, controls, electrical upgrades and more – and accommodate the ways you use it.

In-House Custom Fabrication Ensures a Perfect Fit

Not every machine guarding company has the capability to assess, design, engineer, fabricate and install custom safety equipment like Yale Mechanical. We know that no two machines are used the same way by different companies, and we manufacture our machine guarding accordingly. Our in-house fabrication shop takes our sophisticated designs, built from a thorough review of your machinery, and turns them into custom, high-quality machine guarding equipment that will protect your workers and complement rather than hinder their workflow.

Reviewing and Recapping Our Work

When we say “end-to-end,” we mean it. We don’t consider a machine guarding project finished until you know exactly what we did, why we did it, how it helps to keep your workers safe and how to use your new machine safety equipment. We’ll review the new features of your machine guarding with your team to show them how, if at all, it affects the ways they use it.

The price of your workers’ safety can’t be measured in dollars and cents, even though downtime and regulatory fees can (just ask any of the hundreds of companies faulted for non-compliance across America). When designed and installed by knowledgeable professionals, machine guarding is a company’s best way to keep its workers safe and avoid unnecessary fees and business interruptions.

Don’t be caught without the right machine guarding or the right people to create it for your business. Give us a call today.

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John Boemer

As a Senior Project Manager, John manages the engineering, design and installation of machine safety systems for Yale Mechanical. With more than 30 years in the mechanical industry, including a decade specializing in machine guarding, he helps companies protect their workers and maintain OSHA and ANSI compliance with machine safety solutions that fit their businesses.

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