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Focus on Value When Choosing a Mechanical Contractor

Choosing a mechanical contractor is an important, sometimes daunting task. Unless you have a prior relationship with a certain company, it’s hard to know who can fulfill their promises and who can’t.

To make matters more complicated, there is a wide variety of companies to choose from. Just drive down any major highway and you’re likely to see vans from well-established companies that offer a complete range of mechanical contracting services – such as ours – to what might be termed “a man and a van” (a small one or two-person shop). This is typically an operation that can service an HVAC unit or plumbing system but doesn’t offer additional expertise or services.

Of course, like every business transaction, you want to get the most value from your relationship. When seeking a mechanical contractor, it’s important that you don’t confuse value and price. Rather, with so much riding on the equipment in your building running smoothly, value can be measured in more than dollars and cents. Here are the things our customers have told us are the most valuable to them:

1. Fast Response in an Emergency

When the boiler that powers your production lines goes out, the process piping breaks or leaks, or your drain begins to back up – those are serious matters that need immediate attention, not to be added to the bottom of some company’s service queue. Yale prides itself on fast, 24/7 response, and our customers always give us the highest marks for our ability to get there quickly. We aim for two hours in an emergency and four hours for standard issues. And if we have access to your building’s control system, we’re likely the one to let you know there’s a problem, while reassuring you a technician is already en route to your building.

2. An Ability to Solve Complex Problems

When it comes to the critical equipment that powers your business, you want an expert working on it. Through our service agreements we look to address issues before they become larger problems. With a large team of veteran engineers and technicians, there isn’t a challenge we haven’t seen before or can’t solve through our collective wisdom.

3. Reliable Workmanship

Companies that stand the test of time do so for a reason. Yale Mechanical has been in business since 1939 because we get the job done right, the first time. We installed one of the first large central air conditioning systems in the grand old Leamington Hotel in Minneapolis; designed the first hot gas bypass system and “Ambient Lock-Out” control used in refrigeration systems; and designed and installed Minnesota’s first central water source heat pump system. Today, our field technicians average nearly 13 years with our company and take pride in keeping your equipment running smoothly.

4. Full Range of Services

While you might only be thinking about HVAC service or plumbing right now, you never know what the future holds. Someday you may need to reconfigure your production line and need millwrights to help replace, repair or relocate equipment. You might renovate your building and need an HVAC system designed for the new space. You might decide to upgrade to a building management system, or need someone to recommend and install all new HVAC equipment. With expertise in Design/Build, HVAC Service, Plumbing and Millwright services, along with an in-house fabrication shop, we can be a single source for all of your mechanical contracting needs.

When you’re looking to get the most value from your mechanical contractor, it’s not just about the lowest price on a transaction. It’s about who you can trust to take care of your building from start to finish and provide a lower cost of ownership over time. If you’d like to learn more about Yale Mechanical and the value we bring, please let us know.

Blog Authors

Ron Gundershaug

As vice president of Yale Mechanical’s Service Division, Ron leads the Twin Cities’ largest service fleet committed to superior HVAC service and energy management solutions. He has been helping Yale Mechanical solve the toughest HVAC problems for more than 27 years and is committed to providing service with unmatched quality and response time.

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Chris Young

As president of Yale Mechanical, Chris leads the design/build process for new construction, tenant improvements and remodels. He ensures the HVAC and plumbing systems are designed right, installed correctly and completed within budget for leading projects across the Twin Cities.

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Chris Siedow

Chris Siedow leads the Industrial Services-Millwright division at Yale Mechanical. From services ranging from plant shutdowns and maintenance, to material handling systems and machine guarding solutions, he oversees a team that solves leading manufacturers’ most challenging issues.

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