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Get Your Cooling System Ready for Summer with A Spring HVAC Tune-Up

It’s been an odd spring in Minnesota with record highs in March and snow in late April. But now that we’re turning the corner toward warmer weather, it’s time to make sure your air conditioning system is ready for the stress that lies ahead.

A preventive maintenance agreement with Yale Mechanical takes care of that for you. We conduct an annual tune-up of your air conditioning equipment to resolve following issues before they become big problems:

Why not just wing it and see if your equipment can make another season “as is?” Because a thorough inspection saves you money. Without a properly running system, your 5-ton unit may only be operating at 3-ton capacity, resulting in excessive run times and higher energy costs. Worse yet, you could experience a complete system failure.

So while the spring weather has been anything but predictable, a spring tune-up as part of a preventive maintenance agreement with Yale Mechanical makes sure your equipment runs as expected when summer’s heat arrives.

Call us today at 952-884-1661 or email us to discuss our maintenance agreements and spring HVAC tune-ups.

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Ron Gundershaug

As vice president of Yale Mechanical’s Service Division, Ron leads the Twin Cities’ largest service fleet committed to superior HVAC service and energy management solutions. He has been helping Yale Mechanical solve the toughest HVAC problems for more than 27 years and is committed to providing service with unmatched quality and response time.

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