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Feast on Fall Energy Rebates

With cooler fall temperatures comes the need to dust off your heating equipment. I’m sure you’ve heard the radio ads explaining how easy it is to take advantage of energy rebates at home, but something you might not know is just how easy it can be to save money with rebates for your commercial HVAC equipment. There are a number of energy rebates available – including options for boilers, installing automated building control systems and other custom rebates – but it’s important to work with qualified professionals who know how to uncover them. We will do the heavy lifting to make saving money as easy as possible.

How to Reduce Energy Use by 25-50%

Another easy way to save money on your energy costs is with Transformative Wave’s CATALYST rooftop retrofit solution. We’re proud to be the only approved representative of CATALYST in Minnesota. In fact, we believe in this product so much, we installed it in our own offices. We’ve seen incredible results not just in energy savings, but in the overall comfort of our building. It’s more efficient—and it offers real-time energy monitoring, fault detection, remote notification and web-based access for you to see and adjust settings with any computer, smartphone or mobile device.

For more information on how to take advantage of real energy savings, including a free site survey for those interested in CATALYST, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call at 952-884-1661. You don’t want to miss out on this Game-Changing Technology.

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Ron Gundershaug

As vice president of Yale Mechanical’s Service Division, Ron leads the Twin Cities’ largest service fleet committed to superior HVAC service and energy management solutions. He has been helping Yale Mechanical solve the toughest HVAC problems for more than 27 years and is committed to providing service with unmatched quality and response time.

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