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5 Reminders for Promoting a Safe Work Environment

Everyone wins with a safe work environment.

Our customers win with equipment that operates efficiently with the care of a safe staff. We win by keeping our technicians safe so they can deliver effective, efficient, knowledgeable service.

Injuries and incidents are preventable. We take this philosophy to heart at Yale Mechanical in everything we do. Since every customer has a different work environment with different needs, we provide technicians who have the experience to handle certain processes and equipment. We also have an ongoing training program that is second to none. Starting with orientation, we conduct regular training that allows our staff to handle as many work environments as possible.

Five Reminders for Promoting a Safe Work Environment

While safety is at the forefront of our business, it is a shared commitment with our customers. Here are five safety reminders to consider in your day-to-day operations and that we promote in our own work environment:

  1. Make sure technicians have safe access to equipment that needs to be serviced. We always check our tools and ladders before working on-site, but it never hurts to make sure your own tools are in good shape.
  2. Try to avoid storing or placing items near machinery that needs to be inspected or maintained. When new equipment or a new process is added, it is important to think about how technicians will be able to access and maintain it.
  3. Point out hazards in the building such as forklifts, chemical storage, etc. Don’t forget to give both technicians and your own employees a heads up, even if you think they won’t be working on or near a particular hazard.
  4. Let us know about hazards on the roof as well. Technicians should always avoid working downwind from process gasses or emissions if possible.
  5. Implement a lock-out, tag-out program. Our technicians always try to lock out equipment, but there is a possibility it is controlled elsewhere in the facility. Make sure there is no other way to energize that equipment. The last thing we want is for it to start up unexpectedly.

Together we can make sure everyone has a safe and positive experience. If you have any questions about creating and maintaining a safe work environment for your building, please send us an email or give us a call at 952-884-1661. For more information on Yale Mechanical’s safety initiatives, please visit our Safety page.

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Health and safety risk control consultant with over 20 years experience in construction, manufacturing, food and beverage health, safety and loss control issues.

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