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Spring HVAC Tune-Up

After 75 years in business, we’ve seen the consequences of neglected rooftop units firsthand—from excessive run times and energy costs to low or no cooling to complete system failure. These problems have a direct impact on your building and on your business.

What causes these performance issues? How widespread are they? Here are common signs of wear and tear we see on the average rooftop unit:

Common HVAC Problems % of Units Affected
Dirty Coils 75%
Improper Refrigerant Charge 70%
Dirty Evaporator Coils 55%
A Dirty Blower Wheel 45%
Duct Leaks 35%
Improper Air Flow 10%

The good news is these problems can be prevented. That’s why your annual service agreement with Yale Mechanical is so valuable. With spring and warmer temperatures in full swing, we’ll make sure your rooftop units are running efficiently. During a spring tune-up inspection, our HVAC contractors identify trouble areas before they become a serious issue, and we get your building ready for the demanding cooling season.

If you have any questions about your service agreement with Yale Mechanical, give us a call at 952-884-1661 or send us an email. We’ll see you at your spring HVAC tune-up.

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Ron Gundershaug

As vice president of Yale Mechanical’s Service Division, Ron leads the Twin Cities’ largest service fleet committed to superior HVAC service and energy management solutions. He has been helping Yale Mechanical solve the toughest HVAC problems for more than 27 years and is committed to providing service with unmatched quality and response time.

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