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Thermostat Placement – Key to Comfortable Temps

A common issue in many buildings is uneven air temperature. If you find there are areas of your building that are warmer or colder than normal, take a look at this common culprit—the location of your thermostat.

Check to see if your thermostat has been installed in a less than ideal location, such as over a copier, coffee maker, near a drafty outside wall, or perhaps it was not properly relocated during your last renovation. The thermostat should reflect the average temperature of the area it serves, and improper thermostat locations can provide false information to your HVAC system. Simply relocating your thermostat can solve uneven building temperatures, help make your building work efficiently, and keep your tenants comfortable.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your thermostat placement or your building’s HVAC equipment.

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Ron Gundershaug

As vice president of Yale Mechanical’s Service Division, Ron leads the Twin Cities’ largest service fleet committed to superior HVAC service and energy management solutions. He has been helping Yale Mechanical solve the toughest HVAC problems for more than 27 years and is committed to providing service with unmatched quality and response time.

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