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Cool Off Costs with Clean AC Coils

Summer puts your commercial air conditioning equipment under a lot of stress. One of the easiest and most valuable things you can do to keep your costs down and equipment in peak condition is to keep your AC coils clean. Clean coils reduce operating costs and prevent more expensive breakdowns, such as compressor failures.

Typical air conditioning systems have two coils responsible for transferring the heat from inside your building to outside your building. These coils are known as the evaporator (indoor coil) and the condenser (outdoor coil). In order to accomplish maximum heat transfer these coils must be kept clean.

Dirty Indoor Coils Increase Energy Costs

The indoor coil is protected by an air filter, which should be properly sized and made of a worthy media and frame suitable to the application. It is best to check the manufacturer’s recommendation. Don’t be fooled by inexpensive filters that will not properly filter the air. If the filter does not stop the debris it will cling to the coil! A dirty or plugged indoor coil will hinder the transfer of heat, which increases the run time of your system and ultimately costs more energy to operate.

Plugged Condenser Coils Can Lead to System Failures

The outdoor coil does not normally have a filter to protect it, but it still must be kept clean. This can be accomplished using water or compressed air & whichever best suits the unit location. When the outdoor coil is not kept clean the system can overheat, causing excessive temperatures, pressures and increased run times. This is the most common cause of compressor failures. By keeping the system coils clean, your equipment should last longer, run more efficiently and experience fewer preventable service issues.

If you don’t have time to check your coils yourself contact us today. We will be happy to evaluate your system needs and make your building work better.

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