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Our expert team works hard to provide the best HVAC, millwright, dock & door, and mechanical contractor services in Minnesota. In recognition of our 80th anniversary, we asked some of our long-term customers what they liked best about working with us, or if they had any favorite projects we worked on together. Here’s a sampling of what they had to say:

With our ever changing business demands, I appreciate Marty’s ability to envision a project, start to finish, and set an expectation that works for everyone. Backed by Yale’s experience and attention to detail, I know our needs and projects are in good hands.

Michael Stoller
Minneapolis Terminal Manager
Truck Dispatch | MN and WI Continental Cement Company, LLC

Continental Cement
There aren’t any exciting stories that stick out in my mind, and I would consider that a good thing. All of my experiences working with you and your team have been very positive. Many of the conversations had with the Clinic Facilities Team lead to the topic of Yale being one of our most trusted and reliable partners!

Andrew Lockwood
Systems Engineer | Engineering & Maintenance
Park Nicollet

Park Nicollet
You guys put safety first. A lot of companies say that, you guys did that. Thanks.

Michael Tully

General Mills
That Eagan job was probably one of my most memorable ones with Yale as well.

I was very impressed with how well everyone worked together to make sure Park was open for business Monday morning, then to come up with a plan to finish the install at a later date with little disruption.

Yale has always had our backs.

Errick Wells
Park Nicollet

Park Nicollet
In facility operations, every so often we get to do an infrastructure project. We were all planned out to replace a rooftop unit at one of our facilities. The Yale PM had everyone coordinated and ready. The forecast for that January morning was cold, breezy, and snowy. As everyone had planned to work that Saturday, we decided to forge ahead…

The day came, as forecast, and 3 Yale personnel, 4 electricians, 2 facilities maintenance team, and the crane service all stood ready to knock this one out. After the team made the final disconnects and the rigging was secured, the crane engaged.

Crane operator: “This thing’s heavier than we thought!”
Yale team member #1: “It’s frozen down. Pry it loose.”
Yale team member #2: “I already pried it, it’s loose.”
Crane operator: “I’m 2,000 pounds over our expected weight. I’m at my limit.”

After further efforts to “relieve the unit of some weight” (cutting out some coils), the team still couldn’t get under the crane limit. Eventually, the team gave up in the name of still having a functional unit for Monday morning.

Upon further review with the RTU manufacturer, the unit was indeed significantly heavier than the original data had stated. Whoops.

Through the best efforts of Yale and all team members, we never missed a beat of RTU service to the facility. Yale’s dedication to working through the issues and maintaining unit service came through yet again…even if our RTU replacement was two weeks later than planned. This was one that none of us are proud of, but just another ultimately successful project that only strengthened our long partnership.

Christopher C. Liedman, P.E.
Senior Manager of Operations | Engineering & Maintenance
Park Nicollet

Park Nicollet
Yale and their team of millwrights have been great partners to us over the years! We’ve worked together on everything from minor repairs to large installations and everything in between. One project that stands out was the work the Yale team did to replace a large catwalk and conveyor system at one of our locations. The job involved the coordination of many subcontractors, equipment delivery, and one of the largest crane picks in our company’s history. Through it all, Yale executed the entire project safely and was able to deliver the full scope on time and on budget!

Paul Steinlage
General Mills

General Mills

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